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By wisdom | January 21, 2016

The rare celestial pattern that the world is under right now reflects directly in the dilemma posed by the thousands of migrants pouring out of the Mideast because of the brutality of ISIS/Da’esh and its jihad against innocent people, which has led to an influx of homeless refugees on a numerical scale we have seldom seen, in an accelerated time period that is without precedent, and comprised of an agglomeration different than anything heretofore.

Whatever one’s political leanings, it is undeniable that ghastly crimes against humanity are ongoing as we are forced to learn of indisputable reports, photos and very rare video footage of savage cruelty such as beheadings, drownings, mass murder, and the destruction of priceless antique artifacts. Questions do remain as to why able-bodied males are not standing together to fight for their land. However, the upshot is that these voluminous migrations of people streaming out of Syria and other Mideastern countries is an established fact.

When images are seen of the atrocities, or when intentions of genocide are broadcast by the perpetrators, it is hard not to open one’s heart to the plight of these people who are left searching for a new life. How poignant when we see that their perilous journey by boat or over land can spell their death even at its inception, or to witness the faces of the elderly and the very young, and imagine oneself in their shoes struggling so deeply with the misfortune that life has dropped them into.

Many countries in Europe, responding perhaps to their own history of genocide or of the horrors of two world wars on their soil, have opened their borders and their arms to offer succor, and been in some cases overwhelmed by their compassion (such as Germany and Denmark). America is a nation of kindness and sympathy, as witness the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty, asking the world to “give us the wretched refuse of your teeming shore”, but we have not yet seen the vast influx that can easily overwhelm social services and take jobs away from our own poor.

Of course, all humanity is left to ask the question, “what to do? How can this challenge be met?”

I said that this was not a normal migration of people such as because of famine as was with the Irish, or persecution as was with the pilgrims, or poverty as was with Europe’s Italians or Jews. These people came seeking a better life and a chance at the pursuit of happiness; they did not come with a different (revolutionary) agenda.

Ay, there’s the rub!

Compassion is what Neptune in Pisces is all about – the sensitivity to feel another’s pain, and the desire to heal suffering. But when that pattern forms an aspect called a square (or 90 degrees apart) from another planet – in this case Saturn, representing boundaries, limitations, realism, and even harsh discipline – there results a configuration in which these two principles are in conflict. In our contemporary world the suffering of the homeless refugees clashes with the need to secure and protect those countries – especially ours (the declared enemy of ISIS) – against an agenda or intention of deliberate destruction and overthrow of western civilization’s way of life.

It’s telling that the wealthy Mideast neighbors of Syria, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Dubai, will not accept any Syrian refugees whatsoever. If postings on social media can be believed, one tells of a Saudi prince who “says he’ll pledge his $32 billion to advance ‘the Islamization of America’, including Sharia law.”

Another posting shows a young child laying on a bed of candies, and asks “If there were one cyanide candy amongst ten thousand normal ones, would you let your child eat them?”, thus playing up the risk that there would be terrorists hiding amongst the thousands of regular immigrants, and posing the question, “Would you risk it?” This is the Saturn part of the equation. There are no pat answers now, for a square between outer planets brings the issue to the forefront as long as the pattern holds. In the case of Saturn square to Neptune, we can see that the pattern holds at least through the Fall of 2016, after which the issue may not be resolved but the conflict of principles – i.e., compassion vs. realism – begins to wane or be resolved.

May we all make the right choices or at least the best compromises… and until then, may our governments, charities, agencies and personal decisions be guided by the best wisdom under the circumstances.

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By wisdom | April 23, 2013

The urge to terrorize is not new for human beings.  Terror has been inflicted upon civilizations throughout the ages.  What is different now is both the capacity to do it remotely with powerful devices, and also to rely upon instantaneous global communications to agitate many peoples and a whole nation at once.  That’s what’s new.

So we have, one could say, a human creative experiment in inflicting fear and damage upon one another!  Isn’t that special!

For several decades now, certainly since the first bombing at the World Trade Center in New York City, these have been linked to energy patterns called Pluto Stations.  Yes, little Pluto, the dwarf planet that has been demoted in status by astronomers (but not by astrologers) is lurking in the background, impacting the world with its powerful energetic signature.  Frequently, when these terror events take place, Pluto’s role as far as astrologers are concerned, is to plunge deeply into the interior and create profound change in places that are hidden.  We can see how this would apply to hidden bombs that detonate, but we may not as easily also see the implications for the psyche.  We feel that we are invaded, that we have less security, that the world is unsafe and crazy, and that the threat is to our very survival.  Even if the event is relatively minor (one thinks of the would-be shoe bomber on an airplane) the repercussions are usually major.

Now, city marathons – events of joy and community – have been shaken to their roots, and we will have to see if it doesn’t forever change our approach to, or the nature of, these comings-together, just as one guy, a malefactor with a faulty device in his shoe, has forever changed air travel for millions.

So, it behooves us to examine the nature of terrorism, and why the human being is engaging in this… why the human race has gotten itself to this point, for America is only one place that has been terrorized, and ideology is only one factor that these acts serve.  Yes, it’s true that some terrorists are following an agenda to disrupt a society that is abhorred, but other terrorists are just people who are mean and full of rage.  They can just be thugs who want to inflict pain and suffering on those they envy.  Humanity always has choice.  The choice is to use your life beneficially, to create joy, partake of pleasure, bring beauty, and reduce suffering… or the reverse: to serve selfish ends, to create pain, to harm others and take pleasure in that.

Humans have free will, and can make these choices.  Once made, karma returns; it revisits the type of energy that has been sent out, the choice that has been made.  And those that have injured, get injured; those that have caused suffering, experience pain.  I’m not saying that innocent victims were punished because of their karma, because down here on planet Earth we’re not in a position to have the perspective to see that.  However, those who subject others to this harm will surely be required to learn the karmic consequences of their act.

Bottom line: we can have compassion for those who do harm, but part of the compassion is to understand why they are suffering and why they will suffer.  Forgiveness is not the same as removing the suffering entailed in some of these consequences.  It is for a higher director to determine the karmic consequences.  Unless and until that soul finds itself on the receiving end of terrorism, understanding is not complete.

The whole race is gradually, and with difficulty, moving in the direction of rejection of the creation of harm upon others.  It is a slow but steady evolution.

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The “Human Excitability” Factor and The School Shootings ~ A Possible Antidote

By wisdom | December 18, 2012

There’s been a wave of madness and random violence lately.

The school shootings, the subway pusher, the football player… Is there something hidden behind this behavior?  Is there an “answer” to the incredible challenges we’re all facing?  Are people just snapping, and reverting to irrational emotion-based animalistic behavior, or is there something else at work here that we can grapple with intelligently?

Synchronistically, as the devastating murders of innocents took place, I was reading a passage in a book called “The Source Field Investigations” (David Wilcock, Plume) that, among other things, speaks of solar cycles and their effects on human beings.  The author reports on research from early 20th century Russian scientists indexing “mass human excitability” – that is, correlations between chaotic and turbulent events all around the world, tied into cyclical maximum sunspot activity.  Here’s the key quote: “Whenever solar activity was at a maximum, a whopping 80 percent of all the most negative events took place.”

The study looks at disrupted electrical activity in the brain.

We are in such a cycle now.  Wow!  Human brains are under siege!  But it’s one thing to discover this factor, and another altogether to reduce it.  How can that be done?  Gun control is not the answer, since (in my opinion) it’s crazy to remove a free people’s means of self defense.  Rather, the answer that has also been gleaned from the same research is the significant effect of human intention, especially in larger and larger groups, to change the patterns of chaos by bringing people into a shared state of mind.

In short, meditation and prayer bring global mental coherence.  

Especially, it has been scientifically analyzed,  when such events are planned and guided by some sort of ritual do they bring a lessening of global unrest.  It is not New Age mumbo-jumbo, therefore!  It can be measurably recorded that large groups of folks, praying or meditating together towards a specific end such as peace or internal harmony can actually alter the disrupted vibrations afoot on the planet during challenging astronomical cycles.

So in the wake of yet another horrible, horrible attack upon our hearts, do we have a choice?

We are being forced to evolve.  Can we begin to create mass global prayer or meditation events, such as previous ones we called The Harmonic Convergence and The Harmonic Concordance, to deliberately alter the crazy energies with which we are now being bombarded?  Can it hurt to believe?  Can we decide to access our higher vibrational selves to bring more harmony into Earth even as we’re “under attack”?

We certainly can.  Who will take the lead?


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New Location for Judi’s Blog Posts – Please visit!

By wisdom | November 15, 2012

All future posts by me can now be seen on – check it out!


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The Candidates… seriously, now

By wisdom | September 5, 2012

Funny?  But so true in these uber-polarized times we live in.  Are they all clowns?  Poseurs?  Will the world be saved by one or the other, or destroyed as the prophecies say?

I’m just going to look at their horoscopes.

ELECTION DAY EVENING is a mess!  Mercury will go retrograde at 6:04 PM Eastern at 4 Sagittarius, which is sure to require a recount.  Then, 5 days later, Neptune also goes retrograde at 0 Pisces, square the retrograde Mercury.  Does anyone really think the presidential election will be settled under these confusing aspects?!!  Expect bloody hell!  There will be demands for oversight, recount, and maybe judicial intervention as with Bush/Gore.  Since both candidates have important placements around 0-4 degrees of the mutables (Obama’s Moon at 3 Gemini, Romney’s Ascendant/p.Node at 1-2 Gemini), neither will see daylight just yet.

A recent newspaper article addressed the possible nutsy scenarios that could ensue.  If they tie on electoral votes (269 each), the constitution mandates a “contingent election” in which each state’s delegation casts one vote.  Thus, big or little, each state becomes equal in its voting power.  Conceivably, a candidate can win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote.  Or, a member of the House of Representatives can “go rogue” and change their vote.  Furthermore, the Sibly chart of the U.S. shows the signature of a bewildered nation, anxious, gullible, and lost those few days following this election (progressed Ascendant of 0 Virgo, with Neptune stationing exactly on our progressed Descendant in H3 )…  Everyone will distrust everyone else.  What will happen?  How will this MESS be resolved?!

Rest assured, someone will eventually be declared the winner.  So what do the candidates’ charts look like in the days and weeks after this fiasco?

OBAMA won’t be able to sell his ideas too well leading up to Election Day (Saturn square his Mercury), is discouraged (Saturn quinqunx his Moon) and yet still hopeful (Neptune trine his Venus).  Some of the magic will return by late November (Jupiter rx sextile his Sun) but he is soon to slip into obscurity (his solar arc Midheaven entering H12).  November 26th can be a decisive turning point but not in his favor (Mercury station direct at 18 Scorpio square his Ascendant exact), and it looks like he faces a painful reality check regarding government and the courts  (Saturn conjunct his 9th house Neptune) which leads to a 2-year depression (solar arc Moon opposite Saturn in H12).  He does not look like the winner of this legal struggle.

ROMNEY ‘s chart looks better for gaining the presidency (progressed Moon/Midheaven trine his Pluto exact by November 25th; and solar eclipse of November 13th conjunct his progressed Jupiter exact in his 6th house of work).  It’s even better on Inauguration Day (Jupiter trine his MC exact).  But he won’t be popular with a lot of people for a long time (Saturn square his Venus until October 2013).

OUR POOR NATION is so split in two over this ideological rift.  Nothing will go down easy.  On Nov. 27th, the day after the important turning-point decision,  there’ll be rage in the streets (Mars conjunct Pluto square Uranus).  God forbid someone takes a pot shot at Paul Ryan (Uranus stationing on his Mars/Chiron, natally opposite his Uranus)!  Ugly, ugly, ugly!

And we won’t even talk about how ugly things could get over in Israel at this time (check out my latest Dell Horoscope article, “World on the Brink”, October issue, for more insight on this).

I don’t see Obamacare – that horribly divisive legislation (Grand Cardinal Cross involving Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Pluto) – being eradicated as much as tied up in knots for awhile (Saturn square its Mars).  Romney as President will fix things by Summer ’13 (Jupiter into Cancer), thus regaining face with some of his ardent enemies, but his is an arduous, unenviable task (Saturn square his MC for much of his first year in office).

Wish us all luck.  We’ll need it!

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By wisdom | July 23, 2012

It’s very fitting that, since Neptune has entered the spiritual sign it rules – the sign of Pisces – scientists have announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson, a quantum particle named after a physicist, the attributes of which seem to confirm the key concept that there must exist a particular type of energetic bit that is on the border between light and mass.

Long sought after, this may be the crucial bridge that is the transition point between energy as waves and as light, and mass as matter and therefore form.  Behind the science is the specific research that shows energy slowing down and being stuck in a glue-y background that brings into the equation all sorts of material beginnings such as structure and maybe even gravity.  So it took billions of dollars constructing the Large Hadron Collider to actually pinpoint these theoretical particles that logic says must exist for energy to be converted into form.  And we know that there is a conversion ever since Einstein’s famous equation, e = MC2, saying in effect energy is mass and mass is energy.

Why is it called the God Particle if it’s just research in subatomic physics?  Why such a grandiose moniker?  Because if humans have discovered the pinpoint where light is converted to form, and continue researching and learning about the mechanics of that, then it stands to reason that somewhere down the road humans are going to be able to manipulate form into the forms we would like.  Humans will be able to play God.

Well, we already have concepts that have been afoot for years, such as The Law of Attraction, the Art of Manifestation, and Thoughts Create Reality.  We have been playing with the concept of co-creation, philosophically as well as metaphysically.  With Neptune in its own sign, you would think the metaphysics would burgeon, and the spiritual element would increase.  Man as God.  In fact, this has been forecasted from time immemorial.  The very concept of The Age of Aquarius contains this notion, for the four fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – progress towards the concept of man as god-in-form, and all of physics has been heading towards the notion of the laws of the universe having engineered their own comprehension.  In other words, the entire universe is becoming self-aware through the sentient mind.

The idea of an awakening universe is written into ancient wisdom.  But have we considered up to now that we will be able, from this point on, to build form mechanically as we build our computer devices and smart phones?  We will be able to play with particle science, and do all sorts of incredible things, probably including dissolving matter back to its energetic form, and then reconstituting it – which sounds a lot like Star Trek’s “Beam me up, Scotty”!  We are on the threshold of a revolutionary new phase in human existence.

No doubt, bad stuff will be created as well as good, because that’s what human beings do.  It seems to be part of our animalistic DNA to explore the dark side and invent and design as much of that stuff as is humanly possible as well as of the beautiful light side of possibility.  But make no mistake, humanity is on the threshold of becoming godlike, and the discovery of this itty-bitty, most basic particle of the beginning of physical three-dimensional form is huge!  It’s the birth of a whole new world.

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By wisdom | June 22, 2012







I feel I should acknowledge my evolving feelings towards the stuff that keeps our physical bodies going: food.

I’ve always had an adversarial relationship with this aspect of the material world.  I remember dieting in high school, when I’d bring clammy hard-boiled eggs in a brown bag along with unappetizing celery sticks, and force myself to eat this each day in my battle to get as svelte as other teens were.  (Not that I was ever fat-fat.  Just miserably “zoftig”, as they called the meaty girls in my culture.)  Alternating this, I’d relish the pizza in the nearby joint, thin-crusted, well-sauced, with oil that dripped down my arm as I wolfed down the slices; or trying Coquille St. Jacques in the French restaurant that daddy found in the basement of aNew Yorkbrownstone.  Oh, so good!  Then I’d diet again.

Pregnancy was always a struggle.  Having gotten down to a Size 8 for my wedding, I was able (with effort) to keep near that size after each birth – there were three of them – even though it was always a see-saw between eating ice cream from the box with a fork (!), or living on salads.  My third baby, a whopping nine and a half pounds at birth, put 40 lbs on me!  And I victoriously took most of it off afterwards.

Post-divorce, single motherhood was tough on my emotionally and financially.  I took in a friend as a kind of roommate/boarder, but she was the kind who was blessed with skinny genes.  Whether she ate half a grapefruit for breakfast and a lentil casserole for dinner, or gobbled up a mound of raviolis, her weight never varied.  It was always “lanky”.  I hate lanky people!  They’ve never heard of dieting.  Lanky means there’s never enough meat on their bones to pinch, and food metabolizes through them like an ice cube on a car hood inPhoenix!

Irony of ironies, my father was lanky.  He was so skinny all his life that he was ashamed to put on a bathing suit, and was fed lots of wonderfully caloric foods (like ice cream sundaes with whipped cream) to fatten him up.  Obviously, I didn’t inherit his food genes.

Well, getting to the point of this ramble, having continued to indulge my appetites on and off during middle age, trying every diet in the world, it seems (well, not every one!), including SouthBeach (quite successful the first time) and now Weight Watchers (slow but steady) to lose about 15 unwanted lbs., I’ve realized at least one huge insight: food has lost most of its allure!  I eat to stave off hunger.  I eat to nourish the body.  I eat sometimes out of boredom.  But I no longer care if it’s chocolate or salad, potatoes or broccoli, bread or cardboard-tasting crackers.  I have stopped craving.  Deliciosity is not the magnet that it was.  Nor is quantity.  I can pass showcases of gooey cakes and just shrug.  I can smell fabulous aromas and just smile.

In my Zen quest, I can say that I’ve mastered the food trap, the temptation of appetite.  I eat to survive, and I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities to delight in the skilled results of culinary masters, but I no longer care about any of it.  Food, like sex, just is.


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By wisdom | May 10, 2012

I just saw the most amazing thing at a science museum.

It was in an interactive display in a section devoted to the human body’s protective and healing characteristics.  I saw a short video clip, repeated over and over, taken from a microscope’s view of an actual white blood cell going after a little bit of black material (disease) in someone’s body.  The fascinating thing was that, on this cellular level,  there was complete intelligence in the hunt!

The white blood cell, looking like a large amoeba-like clot of protoplasm, and bigger (and much more flexible) than the surrounding red blood cells it swam through, was clearly able to direct its own movements and extrude itself in whichever direction it chose.  As I watched, it made its way through several red blood cells as one would push oneself forward in a crowded place.  The object of its pursuit, a much smaller double-bodied black cell, was quite obviously trying to escape the pursuit, and kept hiding behind or between the red blood cells.  There was no doubt about this chase!  No way was it random!

Then, when the black object seemed to have eluded the much larger and less nimble white blood cell, an amazing thing occurred – plain as day on the video: the boxed-in white blood cell somehow “saw” the hidden disease cell and extruded a piece of itself in that direction.  The rest of its body immediately followed, thus cornering the “bad guy”.  Thereupon, the white blood cell overtook it and engulfed it with its body.  In effect, it ate it.

Now, I’ve always encouraged clients who are sick or feel under the weather to visualize their cells filling with light and growing stronger.  But truth be told, I held this notion as a meditative exercise rather than a real-life thing.  Yes, I had heard of people who practice a kind of yoga that works exclusively with cellular evolution, usually for the purpose of extending longevity.  I’ve always liked both visualization techniques and the concept of cellular infusion of positive energy.  But I had never seriously considered what it meant that cells had intelligence!

We are all evolved from cells.  Cells that banded together to form organisms then evolved into organisms that banded together to form creatures.  And Creatures R Us!  Why shouldn’t the repository of all our gained wisdom from the dawn of life on the planet be held at the cellular level?!  I certainly now have lots more respect for my white blood cells!  Those little guys know exactly what they’re doing!

In future, whenever I feel out of sorts, or “coming down with something”, I’ll do whatever mental exercise it takes to abort that!  I’ll instead switch gears to send all the help and light that I can, right into that big guy chasing the nasties.  Go git ‘em, I’ll say to myself.  Who needs ‘em?  You can win that hunt!  No more depressed immune system in this bod!

I’m so totally impressed by those maneuvers and that diligence.  After all, cells are people too!

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By wisdom | April 25, 2012

We are all brought up with a family narrative.  It’s something that’s told to us over and over, or if not told, unspokenly understood.  Many times this family story is idealistic or far from reality.  Members of the family are given attributes; they’re the best; they’re the worst; they’re ideal role models; they’re black sheep, etc.  Our stories are like legends or myths that are passed down (and they may not go far beyond the earlier generation or two), but they are part of our inculcation – in other words, a kind of brainwashing that gives us identity as to who we are, how we fit into a worldview, a society, an ancestry.  In a few cases, a child grows up without such overlay, but for the most part we all have something of this in our heads, and it is rarely acknowledged or understood.

So we go through life believing that we are such-and-such, or that our family members are model so-and-so’s.  A perfect archetype.  Often, the problem is that we are not allowed to question this as children; sometimes even as adults.  We’re not allowed to shake up this world view, or to dismantle it.  What often happens is that the individual within this family – within this narrative – may not be allowed to be their real authentic selves, or may be asked and even forced to stuff down and repress other insights, other reactions, or anything else that tumbles the carefully constructed narrative.  The fairytale.

This results in individuals who are maimed psychologically.  Who are asked to perform lifelong in roles they can’t be, who have feelings of rage or anger that was never allowed to be acknowledged, or who live a life that’s false.  It all makes for some pretty messed up people.

It takes guts to go against the family narrative, to stand your ground, to become healthy, and to be more authentic.  Because otherwise, you’re living with a lot of pain that’s repressed, and you’re medicating yourself and exhibiting indicators of stress, escapism, denial, and uncertainty.  Once you break free, there are going to be people who aren’t too happy with the new path that you set out upon.  They may challenge you; they may reject you; they may call you all kinds of names.  But really what you’re doing is taking control of your path, of your feelings, of your joy.  And you will be a lot happier.  You’ll find the road to self-mastery; you’ll become real.  You’ll see more deeply into the family dynamic, and this will allow forgiveness and compassion.  But it should not prevent authenticity.

So the story of us can be a myth, and bless us with all the positives that are inherent in good myths, but it should not be the determinant of our choices and our next steps.  We should rewrite the script, and lay down a whole new story of our individual self based upon new truths, new realities, new insights, new guidance, new wonderment, and new power.

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podcast of radio interview

By wisdom | April 19, 2012

For those who asked about listening to the archive of the show I was just on, based on my book “Wisdom’s Game”, here is the link: . Thanks for your interest. Comments are welcome.

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