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By wisdom | July 22, 2010

Our nation is very divided now. In Winter 2006, I wrote about this in an article called Karmic Waves (Dell Horoscope, May 2006). It’s a situation caused by Saturn finally (by July 26th) finishing a long, long opposition to Uranus, and other enduring aspects too. One way of describing this is Tradition versus Progress. Here’s what I wrote over four years ago:

“People will be unhappy about the economy, their personal prospects, and local as well as international issues… Perhaps the deep divide worsens in our nation, and the polarization of the population that we’ve been seeing steadily splits us into something like a mid-section versus two coasts – almost like a Civil War but without weapons. My intuition tells me that it’s political…”

We are in the grip of rare and distressing patterns very much like the era of the actual Civil War. Here’s what I wrote regarding this, in another article called Destiny in the Balance (Dell, January 2010), written a year ago, in May 2009:

“Current transits show Uranus opposite Saturn, a pulling apart, and later Uranus square Pluto, the release of hidden tensions through the drastic restructuring indicative of revolutionary change.”

Quietly, for the most part without fighting in the streets, America has become a divided country. The fissure isn’t as visible as, say, North versus South… but it’s there. Friends against friends; family members against each other; people afraid to openly discuss the rend lest the mere conversation itself tear apart the fabric of the relationship. The fragility of the wound is such that hardly anything is being written astrologically about these momentous forces.

It’s political; it’s ideological; and now it even seems to be racial. Yes, racial! Can you believe it?! The Obama presidency, rather than being a unifier, has become the catalyst for the Great Divide. The White House, writes Jonah Goldberg in the New York Post (7/17/10) “seems particularly gifted at generating issues that put it crosswise with the majority of voters.” Is this surprising? Here’s what I wrote in the same above-mentioned article:

“President Obama’s Mars squares the U.S. Mars tightly, frequently pitting his motivation squarely against the national interest, and sometimes working at cross purposes in our struggles against our nation’s enemies.”

An astrological statement like this is not the by-product of a biased leaning, but simply the prediction of mathematical aspects. Especially the statements written before Obama even appeared on the political scene, the destiny was shown in the stars. Don’t forget Lincoln’s words: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

American Eagle Sheds Tear for WTC

So what do we do now? Can we abide losing America?! Saturn and Uranus are finishing their tense dance. Can we pull together against the forces that would destroy us from within? Who’s right or wrong? How should we be guided? What if the leaders are the problem, and the individuals are the solution?

I don’t know about you, but I’ll speak it: I love my friends. I love my family. I love my clients – of all colors, ages, and persuasions. I love America and what it stands for: Government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” which should not perish from this planet because of young-soul, misguided elected officials. Politely, and without bloodshed, the tide must be turned so that America heals the terrible schism and returns once more to “one nation, under God”, with a single diverse populace that embraces “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one). Otherwise, we’re back into the miseries of The Age of Pisces instead of the bright possibilities of The Age of Aquarius.

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