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By wisdom | May 10, 2012

I just saw the most amazing thing at a science museum.

It was in an interactive display in a section devoted to the human body’s protective and healing characteristics.  I saw a short video clip, repeated over and over, taken from a microscope’s view of an actual white blood cell going after a little bit of black material (disease) in someone’s body.  The fascinating thing was that, on this cellular level,  there was complete intelligence in the hunt!

The white blood cell, looking like a large amoeba-like clot of protoplasm, and bigger (and much more flexible) than the surrounding red blood cells it swam through, was clearly able to direct its own movements and extrude itself in whichever direction it chose.  As I watched, it made its way through several red blood cells as one would push oneself forward in a crowded place.  The object of its pursuit, a much smaller double-bodied black cell, was quite obviously trying to escape the pursuit, and kept hiding behind or between the red blood cells.  There was no doubt about this chase!  No way was it random!

Then, when the black object seemed to have eluded the much larger and less nimble white blood cell, an amazing thing occurred – plain as day on the video: the boxed-in white blood cell somehow “saw” the hidden disease cell and extruded a piece of itself in that direction.  The rest of its body immediately followed, thus cornering the “bad guy”.  Thereupon, the white blood cell overtook it and engulfed it with its body.  In effect, it ate it.

Now, I’ve always encouraged clients who are sick or feel under the weather to visualize their cells filling with light and growing stronger.  But truth be told, I held this notion as a meditative exercise rather than a real-life thing.  Yes, I had heard of people who practice a kind of yoga that works exclusively with cellular evolution, usually for the purpose of extending longevity.  I’ve always liked both visualization techniques and the concept of cellular infusion of positive energy.  But I had never seriously considered what it meant that cells had intelligence!

We are all evolved from cells.  Cells that banded together to form organisms then evolved into organisms that banded together to form creatures.  And Creatures R Us!  Why shouldn’t the repository of all our gained wisdom from the dawn of life on the planet be held at the cellular level?!  I certainly now have lots more respect for my white blood cells!  Those little guys know exactly what they’re doing!

In future, whenever I feel out of sorts, or “coming down with something”, I’ll do whatever mental exercise it takes to abort that!  I’ll instead switch gears to send all the help and light that I can, right into that big guy chasing the nasties.  Go git ‘em, I’ll say to myself.  Who needs ‘em?  You can win that hunt!  No more depressed immune system in this bod!

I’m so totally impressed by those maneuvers and that diligence.  After all, cells are people too!

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  1. Rick C. Shultz Says:
    June 30th, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    I always now visualize a friends injury/disease from a cellular level. I see their cells working together to ease their pain or attack the illness. I send feelings of support or encouragement to these miniture fighting machines that helps a positive outcome and the healing of the individual.

    This is a microcosm of what will one day happen on a planetary level.