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By wisdom | July 23, 2012

It’s very fitting that, since Neptune has entered the spiritual sign it rules – the sign of Pisces – scientists have announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson, a quantum particle named after a physicist, the attributes of which seem to confirm the key concept that there must exist a particular type of energetic bit that is on the border between light and mass.

Long sought after, this may be the crucial bridge that is the transition point between energy as waves and as light, and mass as matter and therefore form.  Behind the science is the specific research that shows energy slowing down and being stuck in a glue-y background that brings into the equation all sorts of material beginnings such as structure and maybe even gravity.  So it took billions of dollars constructing the Large Hadron Collider to actually pinpoint these theoretical particles that logic says must exist for energy to be converted into form.  And we know that there is a conversion ever since Einstein’s famous equation, e = MC2, saying in effect energy is mass and mass is energy.

Why is it called the God Particle if it’s just research in subatomic physics?  Why such a grandiose moniker?  Because if humans have discovered the pinpoint where light is converted to form, and continue researching and learning about the mechanics of that, then it stands to reason that somewhere down the road humans are going to be able to manipulate form into the forms we would like.  Humans will be able to play God.

Well, we already have concepts that have been afoot for years, such as The Law of Attraction, the Art of Manifestation, and Thoughts Create Reality.  We have been playing with the concept of co-creation, philosophically as well as metaphysically.  With Neptune in its own sign, you would think the metaphysics would burgeon, and the spiritual element would increase.  Man as God.  In fact, this has been forecasted from time immemorial.  The very concept of The Age of Aquarius contains this notion, for the four fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – progress towards the concept of man as god-in-form, and all of physics has been heading towards the notion of the laws of the universe having engineered their own comprehension.  In other words, the entire universe is becoming self-aware through the sentient mind.

The idea of an awakening universe is written into ancient wisdom.  But have we considered up to now that we will be able, from this point on, to build form mechanically as we build our computer devices and smart phones?  We will be able to play with particle science, and do all sorts of incredible things, probably including dissolving matter back to its energetic form, and then reconstituting it – which sounds a lot like Star Trek’s “Beam me up, Scotty”!  We are on the threshold of a revolutionary new phase in human existence.

No doubt, bad stuff will be created as well as good, because that’s what human beings do.  It seems to be part of our animalistic DNA to explore the dark side and invent and design as much of that stuff as is humanly possible as well as of the beautiful light side of possibility.  But make no mistake, humanity is on the threshold of becoming godlike, and the discovery of this itty-bitty, most basic particle of the beginning of physical three-dimensional form is huge!  It’s the birth of a whole new world.

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