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The Candidates… seriously, now

By wisdom | September 5, 2012

Funny?  But so true in these uber-polarized times we live in.  Are they all clowns?  Poseurs?  Will the world be saved by one or the other, or destroyed as the prophecies say?

I’m just going to look at their horoscopes.

ELECTION DAY EVENING is a mess!  Mercury will go retrograde at 6:04 PM Eastern at 4 Sagittarius, which is sure to require a recount.  Then, 5 days later, Neptune also goes retrograde at 0 Pisces, square the retrograde Mercury.  Does anyone really think the presidential election will be settled under these confusing aspects?!!  Expect bloody hell!  There will be demands for oversight, recount, and maybe judicial intervention as with Bush/Gore.  Since both candidates have important placements around 0-4 degrees of the mutables (Obama’s Moon at 3 Gemini, Romney’s Ascendant/p.Node at 1-2 Gemini), neither will see daylight just yet.

A recent newspaper article addressed the possible nutsy scenarios that could ensue.  If they tie on electoral votes (269 each), the constitution mandates a “contingent election” in which each state’s delegation casts one vote.  Thus, big or little, each state becomes equal in its voting power.  Conceivably, a candidate can win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote.  Or, a member of the House of Representatives can “go rogue” and change their vote.  Furthermore, the Sibly chart of the U.S. shows the signature of a bewildered nation, anxious, gullible, and lost those few days following this election (progressed Ascendant of 0 Virgo, with Neptune stationing exactly on our progressed Descendant in H3 )…  Everyone will distrust everyone else.  What will happen?  How will this MESS be resolved?!

Rest assured, someone will eventually be declared the winner.  So what do the candidates’ charts look like in the days and weeks after this fiasco?

OBAMA won’t be able to sell his ideas too well leading up to Election Day (Saturn square his Mercury), is discouraged (Saturn quinqunx his Moon) and yet still hopeful (Neptune trine his Venus).  Some of the magic will return by late November (Jupiter rx sextile his Sun) but he is soon to slip into obscurity (his solar arc Midheaven entering H12).  November 26th can be a decisive turning point but not in his favor (Mercury station direct at 18 Scorpio square his Ascendant exact), and it looks like he faces a painful reality check regarding government and the courts  (Saturn conjunct his 9th house Neptune) which leads to a 2-year depression (solar arc Moon opposite Saturn in H12).  He does not look like the winner of this legal struggle.

ROMNEY ‘s chart looks better for gaining the presidency (progressed Moon/Midheaven trine his Pluto exact by November 25th; and solar eclipse of November 13th conjunct his progressed Jupiter exact in his 6th house of work).  It’s even better on Inauguration Day (Jupiter trine his MC exact).  But he won’t be popular with a lot of people for a long time (Saturn square his Venus until October 2013).

OUR POOR NATION is so split in two over this ideological rift.  Nothing will go down easy.  On Nov. 27th, the day after the important turning-point decision,  there’ll be rage in the streets (Mars conjunct Pluto square Uranus).  God forbid someone takes a pot shot at Paul Ryan (Uranus stationing on his Mars/Chiron, natally opposite his Uranus)!  Ugly, ugly, ugly!

And we won’t even talk about how ugly things could get over in Israel at this time (check out my latest Dell Horoscope article, “World on the Brink”, October issue, for more insight on this).

I don’t see Obamacare – that horribly divisive legislation (Grand Cardinal Cross involving Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Pluto) – being eradicated as much as tied up in knots for awhile (Saturn square its Mars).  Romney as President will fix things by Summer ’13 (Jupiter into Cancer), thus regaining face with some of his ardent enemies, but his is an arduous, unenviable task (Saturn square his MC for much of his first year in office).

Wish us all luck.  We’ll need it!

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One Response to “The Candidates… seriously, now”

  1. Alex Says:
    September 30th, 2012 at 10:21 am

    My astrology predicts Obama will win…Ask me how I knew after the election…