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By wisdom | January 21, 2016

The rare celestial pattern that the world is under right now reflects directly in the dilemma posed by the thousands of migrants pouring out of the Mideast because of the brutality of ISIS/Da’esh and its jihad against innocent people, which has led to an influx of homeless refugees on a numerical scale we have seldom seen, in an accelerated time period that is without precedent, and comprised of an agglomeration different than anything heretofore.

Whatever one’s political leanings, it is undeniable that ghastly crimes against humanity are ongoing as we are forced to learn of indisputable reports, photos and very rare video footage of savage cruelty such as beheadings, drownings, mass murder, and the destruction of priceless antique artifacts. Questions do remain as to why able-bodied males are not standing together to fight for their land. However, the upshot is that these voluminous migrations of people streaming out of Syria and other Mideastern countries is an established fact.

When images are seen of the atrocities, or when intentions of genocide are broadcast by the perpetrators, it is hard not to open one’s heart to the plight of these people who are left searching for a new life. How poignant when we see that their perilous journey by boat or over land can spell their death even at its inception, or to witness the faces of the elderly and the very young, and imagine oneself in their shoes struggling so deeply with the misfortune that life has dropped them into.

Many countries in Europe, responding perhaps to their own history of genocide or of the horrors of two world wars on their soil, have opened their borders and their arms to offer succor, and been in some cases overwhelmed by their compassion (such as Germany and Denmark). America is a nation of kindness and sympathy, as witness the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty, asking the world to “give us the wretched refuse of your teeming shore”, but we have not yet seen the vast influx that can easily overwhelm social services and take jobs away from our own poor.

Of course, all humanity is left to ask the question, “what to do? How can this challenge be met?”

I said that this was not a normal migration of people such as because of famine as was with the Irish, or persecution as was with the pilgrims, or poverty as was with Europe’s Italians or Jews. These people came seeking a better life and a chance at the pursuit of happiness; they did not come with a different (revolutionary) agenda.

Ay, there’s the rub!

Compassion is what Neptune in Pisces is all about – the sensitivity to feel another’s pain, and the desire to heal suffering. But when that pattern forms an aspect called a square (or 90 degrees apart) from another planet – in this case Saturn, representing boundaries, limitations, realism, and even harsh discipline – there results a configuration in which these two principles are in conflict. In our contemporary world the suffering of the homeless refugees clashes with the need to secure and protect those countries – especially ours (the declared enemy of ISIS) – against an agenda or intention of deliberate destruction and overthrow of western civilization’s way of life.

It’s telling that the wealthy Mideast neighbors of Syria, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Dubai, will not accept any Syrian refugees whatsoever. If postings on social media can be believed, one tells of a Saudi prince who “says he’ll pledge his $32 billion to advance ‘the Islamization of America’, including Sharia law.”

Another posting shows a young child laying on a bed of candies, and asks “If there were one cyanide candy amongst ten thousand normal ones, would you let your child eat them?”, thus playing up the risk that there would be terrorists hiding amongst the thousands of regular immigrants, and posing the question, “Would you risk it?” This is the Saturn part of the equation. There are no pat answers now, for a square between outer planets brings the issue to the forefront as long as the pattern holds. In the case of Saturn square to Neptune, we can see that the pattern holds at least through the Fall of 2016, after which the issue may not be resolved but the conflict of principles – i.e., compassion vs. realism – begins to wane or be resolved.

May we all make the right choices or at least the best compromises… and until then, may our governments, charities, agencies and personal decisions be guided by the best wisdom under the circumstances.

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