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Radio interview

By wisdom | April 15, 2012

Join me Wed.Apr 18, 4PM, Topic:”The 5 Rules of The Wisdom Game”, on, Guest dial-in number (347) 215-9456.

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By wisdom | March 22, 2012

One of the hardest things to grasp is the notion that everything exists as thoughtform, and we participate in creating all the occurrences of our lives.  I had this discussion several times recently, and will talk about it on an upcoming radio appearance.

“How can it be”, people ask, “that some random and painful experience that just slammed into me through the agency of another person or a natural event was my own design?!  Is the blood I’m bleeding, or the betrayal I’m feeling, or the devastation I’m looking at, my own creation!?  I just don’t get it.  I’m obviously a victim of tragedy, and I sure don’t want to hear that I had anything to do with creating that!  NO WAY can you pin the responsibility for my suffering on me!”

In the Tarot, the Justice card (Key 11) represents the perfect balance of the universe at all times. It represents Karma, doled out in perfect measure.  Before that comes The Wheel of Fortune (Key 10) representing the Law of Cause and Effect.  What goes around, comes around.  Justice is the application of that Law.  Karma is NOT punishment or retribution; it is balance.  Whatever you dole out ripples forth; the ripple eventually returns to you in a form that allows you to understand the true measure of harm you caused… or of joy you gave.  Earlier (unconscious) behavior must be felt on the receiving end in order for its flavor to be understood.  This is what’s called Wisdom.  The ultimate result of gaining wisdom is to become more and more compassionate.  An open heart is one which truly empathizes with all who suffer… because that suffering is remembered!  In your past lives, there were many occasions in which you harmed others, or at the very least were indifferent to their pain.  What is the most powerful way to learn how it feels to live through that?  To be on its receiving end.

That’s what’s meant by perfect balance.  Karma isn’t punishment; it’s reflection – a lesson in compassion.  A ripple sent outward that returns to transform you.  A Monad is the name for a unit of karmic rebalancing.  It might be Murderer/Murdered, or Abandoner/Abandoned, or Rescuer/Rescued.  Each component of the dual partnering eventually exchanges roles, lifetime after lifetime, until the lesson is thoroughly learned.  What a brilliant game!  The game of life.

Now you know the real meaning of karma.  Now you see the game.  But how does it work?  And why am I saying that you have co-created it, with full complicity?

In the period between lives (incarnations), you – as spirit, or aware energy – processed (meditated upon) the lessons of your previous life.  Did you do well?  Did you fulfill your passion, realize your unique skill set, leave the world better than when you entered?  The birth is at the end, the guides have told us.  This life review is essential in the decisions you’ll make when re-entering next time.  Before you design your next life, and choose its parameters, you want to ensure two things: (a) to choose a plan that will further your journey towards wisdom, success, joy, peace, and enlightenment, and (b) to rebalance your karmic ledger by undertaking challenges that linger in your soul history.

Maybe, you may decide, you’ll confront some very damaging past actions by accepting early hardship, or even abuse in this new life.  (Everything that occurs before age seven, called Saturn’s first quarter, is karmic because you are unable to use reason or action to remove yourself from the situation before then.)  To aid you in this difficult choice, you’ll take along some wonderful talent or some great luck that has accrued to you through past-life self-realization or charity.  You’ll have to remember to call upon this when the going gets rough.

This is good strategizing.  Your horoscope will be full of hard and beneficent aspects.  You have designed it… but you didn’t do so alone.  You have designed it with the help of other souls who have gone before you and learned deep lessons.  They are your spiritual guides, and may even be your guardian angel(s) during the new lifetime.  They will not be solid, as you are willing to be again, but will remain as aware energy or spirit.

Now for the juicy part!  How will you transition from spiritual form to solid form?  How will the birth be transacted?  (Scientists even now are searching intensively for “the God particle”, the quantum particle that defines the transition from matter to spirit, and back again, and are wondering if there is even such a thing.)

The truth is that solid form is an illusion.  As quantum physics has discovered, there is nothing there there!  No particle is solid but is also a wave (energy).  And consciousness always affects its path!  The entire universe, it turns out, is a construct of energies, insubstantial, colliding, consisting of nothing but a field (ocean).  It all boils down to awareness (thought, consciousness).  That which looks substantial is a holographic construction of energies filtered through a mechanism (your brain) that builds up reality (time and space) through the illusion of five senses.  In each instant (the “Now”), you recreate the sense of your identity, having an experience in which you exist physically.  You hear, smell, taste, touch and hear the world.  If all that were removed (e.g., in a sensory deprivation tank), you would find yourself floating in a scary vacuum consisting of nothing but your thoughts.  You would have a hard time hanging onto your identity.  But this would only be true while you were in form, for once you are out of form (i.e., dead, back in spirit), that singular awareness is all the identity you’d need, and you’d be perfectly comfortable in that state.

Getting back to the illusion: only thought exists.  The deeper you look at matter (particles), the more mysterious it seems.  You can’t find anything material; you can only find energy waves that can localize for an instant, thereby giving the illusion of something “real”.  Energy gets localized by your thoughts.  Your intentions create “reality”.  Along with the energy’s own purpose/thrust/vector, you add your own intention.  You impose your will upon that of the available energy’s.  This can mean sometimes working at cross purposes to the flow, but better still is to align your intentions with the energetic direction.  This will naturally create greater harmony, and life will occur with more ease.

Here is free will.  But it is also a larger/greater set-up.  The energy is already in movement when your separate self enters the picture.  God/Source has already intended a design.  If you can intuit it, you are that much more in tune.  Ask yourself: how does my karma fit into the greater plan?  Am I pushing the river, or going with the flow?  At every instant, you are making choices.  Once you identify more with Aware Energy, and less with your little ego’s needs, your choices get better.  No one else is directing the show.  You are the co-creator.

Everything that occurs is done so on the basis of thoughts.  Everything that you encounter is a result of thought.  The actual experience of the moment, good or bad, is taking place in thoughts.  When a Facebook posting says Everything you’re running away from is in your head, that’s perfectly true.

Your upcoming karma may be pleasant or not.  But you are the master of your fate.  When you realize that All is chosen, you relax into it.  You work inside to harmonize with it, or to nudge it in a nicer direction.  You can rail against your fate, but if you take responsibility for having created the experience – in this life, or prior – you will accept your wisdom lesson that much faster.  In that moment, you will begin to transcend your karma.  If you do so, you’ll find yourself in a lighter, brighter state that much sooner, and the lesson might be mitigated (softened).  You’ll become your own teacher – a lightbearer – and will probably rack up karmic creds by conveying your wisdom to others.

So get with the program!  Stop being a victim, take the responsibility for it all (even if you die from your karma!), and grow up.  Your personal growth is the same at that of the universe’s.  Evolution is the name of that game.  Create joy, beauty, sweetness and love.  Just be creative with your time here, underneath the Veil.  Remember who you really are.  You are Source playing at building a better reality, a new Earth, a new human.




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Living in a Bubble of Light!

By wisdom | December 20, 2011

My husband says that I live in a bubble of light up on the ceiling because I’m an optimist and I see the world growing lighter.  He says it’s not, and that people always have a dark side, and will always be negative and sometimes evil.

But that’s not what I see.  I’m an optimist because I see people yearning for a new or better world with less war, more sensitivity, and less aggression.  I see this as a trend: The Awakening and the Lightening of the world.

In my “bubble of light”, I see other people as reflections of myself, as different flavors of God, and I love “tasting” these flavors and getting to know their differences, their uniqueness… the different ways that God is expressing itself by being people.  So I send out love, and I get an amazing amount of love back.  It’s not phony.  It’s real.  If you appreciate these different tastes, types, personalities, and tell them what’s great about them and how they’re beaming at you, well, they’ll beam gratitude and appreciation back to you.  They’ll send you back an enormous amount of love, and they’ll feel joyful around you.  And that’s going to be, maybe, different from the norm.  They’re going to enjoy being in your company, and maybe even cherish what you’re offering.

When you work with this awareness and really, consciously, send forth that type of vibe, and realize what comes back from others by doing this – not falsely but genuinely – you’re going to find yourself living in a bubble of love!  So (ha ha) you’re going to float up to the ceiling because love and light don’t like to stay bound and fettered and anchored to anything that’s tragic or dark or unpleasant.

I think this is a new skill that we’re learning.  I’m glad if I can model it.  But I don’t think it’s mine alone; I think it’s ancient wisdom.  I think it’s just coming back to us as a tool to use in a contemporary way.  And I think this is brightening the world, and therefore I’m an optimist.

So I’m going to stay in a bubble on the ceiling, with a big smile on my face.  And when I meet you, I’m going to want to find out and discover just who you are.  Who’s this new aspect of God that is now put on my path?  And, can we play together?  The answer won’t always be, yes, we can – because there’s going to be clashes, but even that’s discovery.  And it doesn’t have to be painful; it just has to be educational.

Ok.  That’s it for now.


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By wisdom | November 26, 2011


Many people have been posting slogans and graphics, posters and artwork to their Facebook page to be shared by the world.  This is a natural thing, and noteworthy mainly because the content of many of these postings seems more uplifting than the usual.  Even Friends of Friends on Facebook who are not in a holistic networked circle have been “infected” with the spirit of kindness!  The beautiful images include many of the Earth, or from the Hubble Telescope, or the sweetness of nature, or composite images created in Photoshop or Illustrator that convey an idealized world.  From where I sit, I’m interpreting these as both a yearning for a better, nicer, more Utopian world, as well as a call to action to achieve it.  Postings have also represented a blending of the human race, a oneness of humanity, and a concern for the disadvantaged.

Everything described here can be corralled under the theme of spirituality: the desire for a direct experience, or a personal touch, in helping the world to reach the attractive state.  This energy pattern has been in effect since January 29, 1998.  During this period, Facebook itself has been metamorphosizing technologically, and has become the primary social network site.  It has also morphed in flavor to reflect the soul of its members.

The fact that this spiritual idea exchange and promulgation is occurring on Facebook is a reflection of a unique astrological pattern that has been in effect for years, and is only now just completing: that is the long passage of Neptune, ruler of Pisces, traveling through Aquarius, ruler of technology and innovative science.  We’re in the last phase of this energy pattern, which will end February 3, 2012, for a total of fourteen years.  Neptune has done its task of bringing the fluidity and technological connectivity to people’s (ersatz) social experience.  (Although Aquarius is a friendly sign, it’s not a sign of intimacy, so FB is the perfect platform to provide friendly connection without the perception of the distasteful [to some people] personal emotionality of normal entanglement.)  From a distance, we can all be friends, humanitarians, seekers of peace, and wise mentors to each other.

It’s been an interesting pattern to observe.  There have been other ways that cyberspace has been used more and more during this transit to further humanitarian causes, connect disparate people, champion charitable causes, and in other ways serve the planet from, if not always a clear and fully enlightened perspective, at least a heartfelt one.  Even if the world is chaotic, on FB all is becoming ever more beautiful!

Cheers for the last passage of Neptune through Aquarius, and cheers for its prior journey of mutual reception with Uranus (having ended March 12, 2011) as it serves the higher calling/cause/task of bringing forth the New Human – a more illuminated and empathetic creature!  Who would’ve thought that combining technology and vision would bring about a beautiful cyberspace world!

What can we expect when Neptune enters its own sign, Pisces, and floods us with even more oceanic connectivity and compassion?  It should be interesting!  Maybe we can bring cyber-paradise down to earth.

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America: Down and Out… or The Phoenix?

By wisdom | October 19, 2011

We’re certainly living in interesting times, with Pluto opposing the U.S. planets, and Uranus squaring, and Mars having recently conjuncted, and Saturn having finished squaring (not quite done with our natal Mercury/Fortuna/progressed Node).  Challenging is more likely a right word.

We have a weak and possibly corrupt administration; we have people beginning to demonstrate against the system – an opposite thrust from the Tea Party, but just as powerful on the progressive Uranian side; we have schisms in government, in Congress, that have almost paralyzed the country; and we have a stagnant economic picture.  Nor does any of this even touch upon foreign affairs in the challenges that are springing up from tyrants with nuclear arms, governments in disarray, with liberation movements in the Arab world, with economic collapse in Europe, and with Israel’s eternal struggle for survival.

So what does astrology have to say about all of this?

Pluto against the U.S. planets represents a cleansing.  In Capricorn, this conservative trend is demanding accountability for expenditures, limitations on entitlements and excess, and budget tightening in institutions as well as households.  Pluto tends to dredge up everything that’s ugly – corrupt, subversive, dirty – but in bringing it into the light, it gives the opportunity to clean things up.  “Sunlight is a great detergent.”  When you open a can of worms, at least you can trash the dirt and clean the can!  It’s an apt metaphor because when Pluto uncovers the junk, the most likely reaction is revulsion and disgust.  Pluto is hovering around the first few degrees of Capricorn, and the U.S. Cancerian natal planets opposite it begin at 3 degrees with Venus.  Venus always makes reference to finances and pleasures, and in the U.S. chart it’s an important planet as it rules the Midheaven and H6 – this goes directly to the economy.  Next comes Jupiter, the U.S. Sibley’s chart ruler.  Natally Pluto comes from the money house, H2, so we’re really being asked to focus on the ills in the economy as well as unhealthy dependencies on others – other nations, such as China – or excessive expenditures against our enemies, these planets being in H7.

Pluto oppositions also call for huge power struggles, so there are great tugs-of-war going on as to who rules, who is in control, who leads, who can pull the strings the hardest.

Then there’s the force of Uranus, now on our H4 cusp square to our early Cancerian planets.  Well, this is just unrest in the homeland.  Rebellion.  Uprising.  A clash between the status quo and the demand for newness, innovation, a new way to approach problems.  Uranus would like nothing more than to upset the apple cart, overthrow the forces that be.  Drastic change is what Uranus wants, and Uranus represents the people.  In the case of rulership of H3, the media.  Thank god for the internet!  Uranus is all about technology.  Instant communications, unlimited freedom of speech, and accelerated innovation as news zooms around the world through cellphones and on social networks.  There is absolutely no stopping this force, so we will have to accommodate this – all of us, the human race.

Some announcers are gloomily predicting that America has passed its peak, and is on its way down and out but I don’t see that.  First of all, America’s symbol, the eagle is, on another level, the symbol of the phoenix, or bird who rises again from its own ashes, reborn, reinvigorated, rejuvenated.  I have no doubt that’s what will happen, America being the venue for whatever new human being comes out of these pressured and challenging times.  A more compassionate and more savvy human being is arising who values the individual over large institutions, and who rearranges the true purpose that money should serve – which is to help all human beings become self-realized and pursue happiness and joy.  America will receive trines from transiting Saturn when it reaches Scorpio – that’s not too far ahead – and is a very stabilizing, supportive and constructive aspect.

Meantime in a couple of years, transiting Jupiter will cross into Cancer and really bring opportunity to the stellium of planets that the U.S. holds in this sign.  Luck, success, and certainly a thriving rejuvenated economy is inevitable.  I don’t hold with forecasts of gloom and doom, which are likely to prevail as Saturn squares our Mercury (bad news) and we live through a few years of drastic upsets and chaos, because I see after that a safe haven.

I don’t believe it’s meant for America to fail.  Yes, to learn lessons; no, to collapse.  We need a strong America to usher in the new age.  The world needs a strong America to model a more ideal society.  That’s where we’re headed.


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“Washington has lots of politicians, but few statesmen” – Heard on the news …that’s because it’s a YOUNG SOUL NATION!

By wisdom | September 19, 2011

Soul age is a concept that was taught to us in the Seventies (e.g., Messages from Michael received via Chelsea Quinn Yarbro) and has been around for as long as the concept of reincarnation has been understood.

The concept refers to the degree of experience that is gained by repetitious sojourns on planet Earth… in other words, lifetimes.  If you haven’t had many, you are a new or infant soul, and if you have had zillions, you are an old soul.  Between these stages exists infant, baby, young, mature, old, and eventually transcendent levels.  Each level is described by different behaviors, beliefs and values.  No level is surmounted instantly but requires multiple experiences before one is able to move on.

One of the predominant attributes of any level is its value system.  At different soul ages, a person values different things, aspires to different things, and sees the world through different lenses.  It’s not too complicated to understand: Just as you would see an individual growing from infancy through childhood, and then through adolescence through maturity, and finally to maximum experience within a lifetime, so can it be seen that a soul makes many of these repeated journeys by experiencing cycles of lifetimes on planet Earth, gaining familiarity and adjusting viewpoint and value system.

Therefore the concept of soul ages can be applied to people, and what they strive for.  Briefly, infant souls are very new and therefore very frightened of the world.  They are extremely concerned with cleanliness, and they are very uncomfortable around dogs.  They don’t want to try anything new.  Baby souls, on the other hand, are also threatened by change; they want to do everything right, and can be rigid, immaculate, and fanatical.  They want to make sure they do everything right or don’t do it at all.  (And neither should you, they feel.)  The young soul has become savvy and adventurous; behind their laughter can be hostility.  They seek higher education, are very achievement oriented, focused on external appearances, demand sexual liberation, are workaholics, care deeply about their physical body, live in perpetual agitation, and become the experts, the status keepers, and the high achievers.  They’re all about telling people how to do it the right way, which is their way!  Mature souls begin to find the experience of leaving the body in order to astral travel kind of interesting.  They want to find tranquility; they seek answers, have psychic occurrences, can tell the difference between the veneer and truth; are not all that clean, but are excellent chefs and wine aficionados.  They don’t care too much what you do as long as you leave them alone.  The old soul loves to get out of the body and move into the beyond.  An old soul doesn’t really strive for achievement, wealth or status but for competence.  They see others as themselves.  They’re very casual about most things including cleanliness, sex and cooking, but are very sensual.  They don’t like to throw anything away, love animals; if anything, are subject to depression.  They can be found anywhere; they live by the motto of doing whatever they want and letting you do whatever you want.  Of the transcendent and infinite souls, we don’t have to talk at this moment.

The point to be made is: where do certain souls congregate, and specifically what is the aggregate nature or soul age of our nation, America?

America is formed primarily, we are told, of young souls.  This can be seen in its striving for achievement, its energy level, and its value system based primarily on worldly gain – the accumulation of power, wealth and fame.  Americans are a mixture, of course, of a variety of soul ages, but the nation itself reflects the tendencies and values of young souls, so it has drawn to its centers of government that very reflection – a type of individual who wishes to self-aggrandize, who is motivated by achieving money, power and fame.  Washington D.C. has an abundance of such types (who are mostly called politicians) who play the game of personal advantage fairly well in that they get elected, manipulate power, use each other for personal gain, serve their own or their cronies’ needs, and reflect a materialistic value system.

Individuals, on the other hand, who devote their lives selflessly without the motivation of profit, fame, or power, to the betterment of their countrymen – or even more enlightened, to the betterment of a type of government that fulfills the best potential of human beings – are rare in a country focused on young soul goals.  Such a selfless type would be called a statesman.  This type has existed in human history, exemplified by, for instance, George Washington who retired to his farm when his task was fulfilled, or Harry Truman who refused all remuneration except for his entitled pension and who sought a modest retirement after his term in office.  A famous Roman named Cincinnatus served ancient Rome in the capacity of a general and dictator, and when he completed his job, even though he held great power, he simply stepped down, asking for nothing further because he evaluated his duty as completed.

America is going through an enforced and accelerated maturation process.  Blatant political hacks who would heretofore gain their ends through machinations are being refuted and repulsed.  A distaste for the games being played by legislators is evidenced.  Many such gamers will be repudiated at the polls.  The result of dwelling in the debris of young soul dalliances is a repugnance that speeds up the desire to evolve away from such results and towards a different, more wholesome approach.  This is always called a change of values.  It’s obvious that this is what’s happening now in the nation.  It’s not clear what results this will bring or what new values will replace older ones, but it is apparent that a repudiation is going on, big time.  America may remain young soul but may also be on the cusp of greater maturation.



This is a Level 2 posting.  Subscribe to The Wisdom Game Ecourse for more teachings.

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Stock Market Dive – No Coincidence (It’s Saturn)!

By wisdom | August 9, 2011

For those who follow the stars, yesterday’s big stock market drop is no coincidence.  The U.S. natal Sun is at 13 Cancer 19.  As Saturn moves through the sky, it reached 13 Cancer yesterday.  That’s what’s called a Square.

Saturn square one’s Sun always brings delays, setbacks, and restrictions.  So the entire nation is feeling this one!

Furthermore, the U.S. has a natal square between these two planets which emphasizes the built-in problem.  We are being forced to deal with less.  It’s a time of maturation because the essential meaning is to grow wiser as we face reality’s limitations.  Saturn rules our money house (H2) and comes out of our reputation house (H10) – thus, we have lost our triple A (AAA) rating.  It’s all foreseen; all destiny; all fated.

So what does our future look like?  Late month is prettier.  We will regain some market strength (transiting Jupiter trine the Jupiter/Sun midpoint and cusp of H8).  Real estate is favored too.  I think it will be a heavy slog as Saturn squares Mercury this winter (24 degrees), but the nation will have blessings from Jupiter by next spring, especially via the housing market (in Taurus, sextile the U.S. Sun).

As the old saying goes, “Land… they’re not making any more of it!”

BTW, Taurus rules gold too.  It would be good if we could go back on the Gold Standard under this hard Saturn transit.

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I’ve been getting these questions…

By wisdom | July 30, 2011

Q #1: so Judy: what do you think is going to happen? are we going to survive this? (ABOUT SPREAD OF ISLAMIFICATION OF EUROPE, NON-INTEGRATION, LOSS OF IDENTITY; DANGER TO THE WEST)

Q #2: Very deep problems here. What does your crystal ball say? (ABOUT CONGRESS, ENTITLEMENTS, ECONOMIC WOES, DEEP SCHISM)



A #1: Here’s my take in a nutshell: We’re in a war, and our enemy (radical Islam) wants to eradicate us (The West).  Meanwhile, we’re in an internal divide re being tolerant and inclusive versus being prepared and tough.  The confusing distractions (e.g., the economy) just mask the core issue. When Neptune leaves the US Moon (winter 2012), much of the confusion can begin to dissipate.  But ’13 & ’14 are extremely disruptive, painful, and even revolutionary!  Try to find my new article in Dell Horoscope September issue, “9/11: Ten Years Later”, in Barnes & Noble or [at a local newsstand] because it spells things out.

A #2: Huge reforms mandated.  Uprisings.  Turbulence.  But some light later.



August 2nd is the Mercury Retrograde.  It’s the date Congress “must” reach a compromise about the debt ceiling, tax cuts etc.  Maybe that’s just a “coincidence”.  (Yeah, a cosmic one!)  Well, since it’s a retrograde, anything agreed upon then is subject to revision!  I doubt it will hold up.  I’m more interested to see what happens when Mercury comes out of retrograde on August 27th, in dramatic Leo!  That’s a far likelier date for verbal theatrics and/or contract signings.

The slow economic growth, and sputtering “recovery” can be attributed to Saturn in a long square to the US Sun (at least since last September).  Saturn brings blockages, restrictions, and hard work.  It will ease off between late August and September, allowing more momentum to the effort to recover.

Meanwhile, news reports say that there has been surprising growth in the sales of older homes over the last two months.  That can be attributed to Jupiter (expansion) in Taurus (real estate) in good aspect to the US Cancerian planets (luck, growth).   We can expect a continuation of that pattern through next year.

However, we can also expect terrible reforms in the years ahead regarding financial matters (Pluto opposite US Sun square US Saturn).  The whole trajectory of the country has been aimed at this for years, regardless of who was/is in office or what party ruled.  We have Saturn natally in the 10th square our Sun in the 8th house of borrowing; Saturn has just returned to its own position (the day of reckoning! – it rules the 2nd house of money); and Pluto from the natal 2nd house of money is forcing the issues to be cleansed.  It’s time to pay the piper!  Nobody will like what happens in 2014, and there will probably be uprisings (Uranus, planet of rebellion, in the 4th house of the land, t-squaring all of the above mess).  The people, especially in groups (i.e., unions, organizations) or through technology (the internet, blogging) will not go lightly into this new day.

As for the threat from foreign quarters, Pluto is also the nuclear bomb, so there remains great hazard when Pluto opposes the US Sun and squares its Midheaven.  That occurs in mid 2014 into 2015.  In the past, hard Pluto aspects have brought terrorist attacks, including 9/11.

By 2016, the mess will be over.  If we’re still a nation, still solvent, still “The West”, we will have worked out the enormous problems mentioned by the questioners.

I don’t have an answer as to being prepared, or keeping safe.  As a mid-cardinal individual, the timeframe will be very challenging to me personally, as it will to anyone having important planets or angles at or near 13 degrees of the cardinals.  The main thrust is to evolve as quickly as you can, and take any practical steps to remain whole.  We have chosen to be born into “interesting times”.


(c) 2011 by Judi Thomases.  All rights reserved.

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By wisdom | July 26, 2011

Yesterday, we attended a surprise birthday party for a 94 year old.  She is a little stooped but quite fit.  They tell that, if she goes on outings and people rush to help her out of her seat in the car, she tells them, “No thanks, I’ll do it myself.  If I need help, I’ll ask for it.”  And she proceeds slowly to get herself back on her two feet.

Well, the surprise was not only her party but also a ride on a motorcycle.  This, it seems, was on her bucket list.  So some bikers came around, showed her a spiffy motorbike with a bow on it, gave her a custom t-shirt to wear, and her own helmet with the words that celebrated her 94th birthday.  She got up on the bike, put her arms around her driver, and off they went for a ten minute ride that fulfilled a lifelong dream.  When she came back, she had a big smile on her face, and even though some big strapping guys had to lift her off the back seat, she was not even a little wobbly






Meantime, today I had a doctor’s visit for a check-up.  When I went over to the doctor’s office, I found a roomful of senior citizens, some very frail, using inhalators, wheelchairs, canes, walkers and other life-sustaining devices, and for all I knew, not a one of them was 94 – probably more a spread between 50 and 80.  What’s the difference?  Is it all genetics?  Or is there a little bit of attitude?  Fortunate karma?  If you’re surrounded by caring loved ones or if you have the means to support yourself in a good quality of life.  But even this is not always the case because we know of ill people who have means, and may even have family around them (in fact, I know cases where the malingerer milks the illness for self gratification by remaining in the helpless victim role).

In our society, we extend sympathy and nurturing to those who suffer, and the healthcare industry especially is large because of the desire not to allow people to suffer and become enfeebled if there is any way to prevent that.  But most often, the best way to prevent the infirmities of age is not just through means (wealth) or through loving helpers, but by a mindset.  A mindset that reaches out to the human race, wants to be engaged, feels continually purposeful and useful, wants to contribute, and above all continues to frame events as positive, or perhaps only momentarily negative, returning as soon as feasible to the sunnier outlook.

Gladys, the 94 year old biker chick, was an inspiration to me.  I want to keep checking things off my bucket list too!

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By wisdom | June 29, 2011


Most New Agers are liberal or politically left-leaning, and a priori reject the rigidity of authoritarian and patriarchal biblical ideology as being in total opposition to their love of tolerance and inclusion.  Today’s Christian conservatism, on the other hand, as it has evolved, is not very inclusive just by virtue of the fact that its most basic tenet is that unless you accept Jesus as your savior you are lost.

Here, then, is a large measure of the current split between ideologies: tolerance versus exclusion, i.e., blanket acceptance versus one path only.  On the one hand, New Agers espouse other-as-self, harmony, open-mindedness, personal choice, and direct connection with the inner divine whereas Christian fundamentalism espouses a singular route through a savior, original sin and redemption, and ritual and pastoral intervention between the individual and salvation.  Both ways claim the high ground of brotherly love; both are subject to human corruption and failed ends.

But the Creator can be rascally!  So it’s funny (to me) that the most inflexible ultra-conservative minds on the Right might be, by taking biblical prophecies most literally, the instrument to serve and bring about the New Agers’ vision of a New Earth: a tolerant and all-inclusive society…heaven on earth…The New Jerusalem.

Metaphysically, Israel, via its Covenant, must stand at the abyss to bridge the vast divide, or schism, of the western-Islamic battle.  Bringer of democracy into an ancient mindset, bastion of western ideals in a hostile man-centered sphere, it must endure until the hideous gash is healed, to allow all of humanity to transcend the modern challenge until a true New Society can be born.  Israel is the battleground – that’s shown in its horoscope.  America is the target but Israel is the field of action.  It must exist, and is designed to do so.  Israel, in metaphysics, is crucial to realizing The New Jerusalem.

So what’s going on?

The fervor for Christian fundamentalism’s support of Israel has at its heart the biblical passages found in Revelations.  Prophecies tell of an era of death and destruction, a monumental battle between the forces of good and evil, an anti-hero, and a place or location where this apocalypse is to unfold.

Islam sees the West, represented primarily by America but also closely mirrored in Israel, as the Devil.  Fundamentalist radical Islam wants neither to compromise with, nor tolerate, the existence of this other ideology/culture, and thus has the intention of obliterating the West.  American liberals don’t want to really believe that, and would rather continue to maintain a worldview in which everyone can live together harmoniously and in an Aquarian fashion – that is, brotherly love, detached emotionality, scientific and technological advances and acceptance of others.  In fact, one group that embraces this hope most genuinely is American liberal Jews (as do many of my own family).  Many New Agers are lukewarm in support of Israel, seeing that state’s policies as hawkish.

From a metaphysical standpoint, however, the scriptural prophecies are closer to the reality of our most immediate times than the visionary ideal.  Terrorism exists.  Deluded leaders exist.  Natural and manmade catastrophes are occurring.  Weather patterns are wilder.  Solar flares are increasing.  The West’s reliance upon fossil fuel from hostile sources, and universal household electronic dependency, showcases its vulnerability.  Kindness and idealism allow porous borders, and blindsiding attacks.  Does The End Times come about as prophesied because of a perfect storm of circumstances?

As New Agers scoff at old-fashioned prophecies, these seem to continue to come true.  Things such as inability to see the truth clearly, sophisticated rejection of passionate but restrictive ideologies, and eternal hope converge to set the stage.  If and when the first nuclear missile leaves a radical nation and falls upon an unprotected Western one, perhaps even a left-leaning one, the forces of retaliation, the chaos of unpreparedness, the disruption of services and the supply chain all line up.  Those are the times that are prophesied.  Those are the conditions underlying.  Those are the very “Four Horsemen”.

But while well-intentioned do-gooders create institutions of government that weaken the nation with entitlements, porous borders, idealistic blindness, and disempowering programs, Christian soldiers march on, unquestioningly following unfashionable ideologies to which they are equally blindly loyal, and all the while the Cosmic Plan is played out.

Only the fact that the prophecies – biblical and many others – contain future light eases the threat.  It is as though we must paint ourselves into this corner, a corner that contains mental attitudes, natural conditions, a clash of ideologies, and the truth of human evolution, all scrunched together, in order to pass through to the next level.  Meanwhile, as a metaphysician I shake my head in bemused disbelief, watching as the whole game unfolds, able to do no more than these writings to educate and wake others up.  If this is what is written, and what shall come to pass, then there is nothing to do but to bear witness.


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