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Subscribe Level 2

Dear Wisdom Reader,

So now you’ve read about Wisdom Level 1*, and you know that life’s a wisdom game! You’ve learned the pieces of your puzzle and you’re exploring the components of your gameplan: your dilemma, your heart’s desire, and your task.  PREDICAMENT, PASSION & PURPOSE.  And you’re waking up to the strategies of playing…

Want to keep on learning? Want to figure out how to maneuver through your karma, and apply the wisdom teachings? Want to really understand what “The Secret” is talking about? Want to learn 15 SIMPLE TECHNIQUES YOU CAN DO TO MASTER THE QUANTUM SHIFT and grab hold of your emotions and thoughts to make instantaneous and powerful changes right in the moment?

If you like what you’ve been reading and what you’ve learned so far, you’ll really love Levels 2 – 4.  It’s an in-depth approach to concepts found in “The Secret” and other wisdom teachings… and teaches you an easy way to apply them to your own life.

Sometimes, life hands us a lemon. Well, let’s face it. Sometimes, life seems to be one big lemon. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a systemized way, or a step-by-step understanding to quickly turn that lemon into lemonade? Wouldn’t it be great to read some ideas and within ten weeks, feel that you have the key to shifting from seeing things as lemons to having the inner power to change that reaction and to a much better feeling and a much happier result, almost right away? Wouldn’t it be great to know there were simple steps to winning your game of life?

Subscribing to Level 2 of The Wisdom Game, also called the Continuum of Awareness, will get you to this happier and more empowered place in no time containing an in-depth look at the components with which you construct your reality, and the techniques that you can use to shift your mind and bring you to a higher awareness to just that.

If you’re ready for the next step in the Continuum of Awareness – subscribe now to Level 2. Level 2 opens the door to mystery and mastery. It carries you into The M Field. It is the real secret behind “The Secret”… and more!

Subscribe now to this 10 week course for only $19.95!

I want to share with you the teachings I was given by The Brotherhood of Light Workers!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in Wisdom’s Game Level 2:


Level 2 is the real “meat” of The Wisdom System™. It’s where the greatest “pay-offs” are, and the strongest challenges. It is by far the most important step for human development up to this point.

In short, once you realize that you’re in a game, Level 2 is when “The Secret” (or, The Law of Attraction) kicks in and begins to become available. But it’s more than that. It’s a clear understanding of how to use energy and start applying wisdom. It’s the point at which the new paradigm makes sense, and therefore The Quantum Shift becomes a tool that’s logical and rational, helping you overcome karma, unblock energy, and transcend emotional dilemmas.

  1. Level 2 shows the need for the mind to begin to align with the universe and gain the cooperation of forces of energy.
  2. Level 2 means that you recognize the role that intuition plays; you no longer take action blindly, but check everything against intuition.
  3. Level 2 is the point at which you become very aware of who the self is in relationship to playing the game.
  4. And Level 2 is when all experience begins to be chosen consciously so that the mind can reframe the point of view, can stop and unblock, using techniques to shift energy at will and master reality.

We’ll be talking about specific practical ways to overcome barriers, and we’ll be talking about different ways to approach reality in order to shift the mind into a new paradigm…a paradigm that puts you back into control.

In fact, here’s the Table of Contents from Level 2:



There is nothing like the Wisdom Game, a course that has been put together with the systems from spirit guides. There is nothing that can give you such an immediate grasp of karmic dilemma and personal power, offering 15 techniques and an understanding of the Quantum Shift. This amazing knowledge puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Yes Judi, I want to receive 10 weeks of Wisdom messages to expand my awareness and learn to access The M-Field. For the low introductory rate of just $19.95, I understand I will receive weekly emails – plenty of new content! – from Judi Thomases, who shares her insights from over 30 years of metaphysical studies as well as a decade of channeling the teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers. As a Wisdom Blog subscriber, I will receive 40 segments in total over the 10 weeks. My membership will also entitle me to Judi’s free monthly newsletter called “Spirit’s Words”.

Subscribe now to this 10 week course for only $19.95!

* Wisdom Level 1 is available as a PDF upon request: write to