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Welcome to Level 4
a true understanding of ONENESS

You’re almost there.  Your mind is rapidly expanding and your wisdom is accruing… Are you ready to truly expand your awareness into the infinite?

How can we do that?  How is that even possible?

This is the ultimate understanding that was given to us by The Brotherhood of Light Workers, and I want to share with you the powerful new awareness that I was shown – an awareness that will put life’s challenges into your hands to resolve, and explain how you have the personal power to CHANGE THE WORLD AND SEE YOURSELF AS ITS CREATOR!

Are you ready to encounter The Mind of God? LEVEL 4 completes the secret teachings to help you become a MASTER of life’s experiences, a wisdom “ninja.”

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in Wisdom Game’s Level 4:



Now… the greatest mystery is revealed!

The ultimate wisdom teachings from The Brotherhood of Light Workers give us full understanding of the journey. From the separated self, into the realization that we are not only a union of the Individual and the World, but simply a single conscious awareness… suddenly, we awaken! Everything falls into place. The Self is the Creator.

There is none other.

By continuing to subscribe to the Wisdom System, you are bringing yourself to the highest level of awareness. This valuable in-depth course helps you change your everyday life through your thoughts and responses — you heal yourself… you bring to you that which you desire… you improve your relationships… you gain understanding of who you truly are… you know and feel that you make a difference in the world… you begin to teach others what it is to become a master of reality! This is what is needed in today’s world – wise and awake people who understand how to play The Wisdom Game, and who have mastered its techniques.

By completing The Four Levels of the Wisdom System, more joy, energy, love and light becomes available to you on a daily basis, and helps to transform you into The Wise New Human.

Yes, Judi, I want to receive the final 10 weeks of Wisdom messages to complete my full expansion of awareness, to become comfortable in The M Field, and to access my true power of creative potential. For just $19.95, I understand I will receive weekly emails – plenty of new content! – from Judi Thomases, who shares her insights from over 30 years of metaphysical studies as well as a decade of channeling the teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers. As a Wisdom Blog subscriber, I will receive 42 segments over 10 weeks. My membership will also entitle me to Judi’s free monthly newsletter called “Spirit’s Words”.

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